Promoting healthy body image and wellness with YogaBugs!

YUP - Down Dog

In recent news there has been a lot of talk about promoting a healthy body image and wellness of the mind in children. There are many influences in social media as children have more access to images of unhealthy body types that may pressure them into thinking that they need to look a certain way to be accepted as ‘normal’ in society. Girls who are in transition into teenage years seem to be particularly affected by such pressures, so it is important that we support these children during these difficult times. There is also the added pressure of the looming SATS, which means rising levels of stress and anxiety for these girls.

There are ways that YogaBugs classes can help alleviate tensions and worries of the modern world. The activities that we have created reduces stress, creates ‘mindfulness’, promotes relaxation and boosts self-confidence.

Our Yoga’d up classes for 8 – 12 year olds are structured to appeal to an age group who want to be physically challenged, mentally stimulated and entertained. Classes include a variety of postures, partner poses and fun Yoga’d Up games. Children end the class with relaxation and visualisation techniques. The combination of all these ingredients help and support them through a time of pre-teen change and beyond to adolescence.

This concern follows a BBC article ‘Under-18 models may be banned from catwalk.’ This article strongly highlights how young girls are pushed by top modelling agencies to lose weight so they are “down to the bone”. We recognise how unhealthy this is and how damaging it can be for a young girl’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Here at YogaBugs we are committed to ensuring children and young people achieve their full potential and enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life. YogaBugs allows children of all abilities excel and children can work towards improving their personal best without the pressure of competition.

As well as being a great form of physical exercise, YogaBugs promotes a wide range of emotional benefits such as

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Release of day to day anxieties
  • Improved concentration & memory retention
  • Increased ability for children to learn more easily
  • Developed creativity
  • Improves healthy sleep patterns
  • Allows children to express their emotions physically

Not to mention a wealth of Physical benefits such as

  • Strengthened muscles
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved respiratory and circulation
  • Improved digestive systems
  • Supported joint mobility
  • Developed posture
  • Improved flexibility

YogaBugs run classes in local schools and nurseries as well throughout the community.

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Benefits of buying a franchise in the Child-based industry.

Buying a franchise in the child-based industry can be a life-altering experience not just for you personally but also for all of the children that you will be teaching and inspiring. There are many reasons of why you should fulfil your dream and become part of doing something you love, by becoming a franchise today! The following reasons to buy a franchise will help you to understand why becoming a franchisee in the child based industry is great investment and how you can help to inspire the young minds of today.

Proven Method 
When buying a franchise in the child based industry you are buying a proven established business model. YogaBugs is a tried and tested model that is available at your finger-tips which eliminates the errors a newly found business owner would face. Our model is specifically designed to help the increase of sales for each franchise in their territory division and to also improve the overall productivity of the business.

Brand awareness 
Buying into a franchise model that has already established their corporate image and brand awareness gives you the security of an already trusted name, YogaBugs Ltd (part of the BugsGroup which includes FootieBugs) was established 10 years ago and is now an international brand that has appeared several times on the television and produced a book and a DVD, this gives us brand credibility and a name that people trust.  Consumers are generally more comfortable buying into franchises that are already established and have a proven model that they can trust with successful franchisees across the UK.


Training is what makes franchises in the child based industry stand out from any other business opportunity, this is because YogaBugs provides all the possible training you will need in a two day intensive business training course based at YogaBugs Head Office teaching you the skills you need to make your business successful. How you will run your franchise will be the exactly the same way the other franchise locations are run. This ensures that you are operating your business professionally and will help to reduce frequent mistakes new business owners usually come across.

Ongoing Support 
When you buy a franchise you are never alone. You will always have the support of the experienced team based at YogaBugs Head Office along with the support of knowing you are part of the growing YogaBugs network. If you have any questions or need any help you will always be able to pick up the phone and ask any questions directly to your Operations Manager at Head Office.

Your dedicated team at YogaBugs Head Office will take care of all the marketing campaigns and designs from leaflets to exhibition stands in your first year. We have also created Letters and emails that are a effective way to contact your market of schools and nurseries, which have already been written and available to you from the start.

Exclusive Territory 
When you buy a franchise you are in addition buying an exclusive territory in which to do business and operate as a YogaBugs Manager. At YogaBugs we will only allow a specific amount of franchises to be open inside a certain geographical region. You will be entitled to a specific territory division that no other franchises (within your franchise system) can be open within that division. An example of this is a franchisee who’s territory is number 32 (Stourbridge & Kidderminster) could not operate in territory number 29 (Solihull). This gives you security and access to a selected number of children that allows you to focus and maximise your earning potential.

We hope that you have found this information useful and it has excited and motivated you to take the next steps into investing into a YogaBugs franchise.

To see if your area is available and to speak to a member of team for more info, please call us on 0121 77 77792 /

4 Ways To Develop Your Childs Creativity

Children have great imaginations, which nurtured in the right way can see them grow to be fantastically creative. Here are 4 top tips to help you develop your child’s creativity.

1. Get them to YogaBugs. Through adapted yoga poses children go on wild adventures. At YogaBugs the children are encouraged to imagine themselves as lions or pirates and are always the hero of the story. By attending YogaBugs classes children will develop their own creativity by being given a mental work out alongside the obvious physical one. Their imagination and creativity grows through play. And best off all… They love it!

2. Make a special creative space. A designated area for your child to be creative can be a great way to help them develop. This will help the child to concentrate and focus. Television can be great for relaxing but it can hamper creativity by becoming a distraction. The designated creative space should put the emphasis on the child to create their own entertainment.

3. Encourage your child to be different. Make it acceptable for your child to be out of step with norms of their peer group. Get them to listen to different genres of music, take them on days out and encourage their interests. This is what shall make your child an individual and really develop their creativity.

4. Boredom can be good. Do not be afraid of your child being bored. This period of downtime is when they get the opportunity to flex and work their creative muscle. If they are bored, the power to change that is in their own hands. Unstructured time challenges children to actively engage with themselves and the outside world. They will use their own creativity to overcome the boredom.


Beware of the Celebrities

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. By January 2nd it is highly possible that you and your loved ones may also have put on a few pounds. The New Year will no doubt herald a new healthy start. the obvious solution to this will be to diet. 

At YogaBugs we are in favour of healthy eating and exercise for a balanced lifestyle. However if you are going to follow a diet be very careful about who you listen to. In a recent article in the British Medical Journal, doctors have issued a warning about the dangers of listening to celebrities bogus health and diet advice. Many A-Listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow impact endless health tips but doctors have accused them of suffering ‘unconscious incompetence.’ The concern of the doctors was that celebrity fad diets were doing little more than giving disordered eating a ‘veneer of respectability.’

The article however does go on to acknowledge the potential of star power when promoting healthy living advice urging doctors to do more to use the ‘herding power’ of stars to give genuine medical advice.

Our friends at Waybuloo practice yoga on a daily basis on CBeebies, with YogaBugs founder Fenella Lindsell who is a consultant for the show. So we recommend you and your children get your yoga ‘fix’ over Christmas with the team from Waybuloo.

At YogaBugs we think that the answer is to eat sensibly and exercise often. As such YogaBugs shall be an excellent way to make a great start to a healthy 2014.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yoga is now a secular practice

YUP - Down DogVarious traditions of yoga are found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and it is practised as a spiritual and ascetic discipline. It is of course for many still an integral part of their religion. Yet, yoga has been embraced across the Western world and by people of all races, cultures and most religions. Across the West, yoga with its breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

There are many hidden benefits with yoga such as improved concentration, posture and improved strength and flexibility. With YogaBugs unique use of storytelling and adventures told through the medium of yoga there are other benefits to children from when they can walk until the age of 12. These include concentration, core skill development and improved social development.

In the West for the vast majority yoga is totally secular. It is not a medium for teaching religious beliefs. But across the globe yoga instructors have come up against vocal and determined opposition. This was recently highlighted in the United States. The issue of yoga in schools reached a boiling point in California this summer when a family filed a suit against the Encinitas Unified School District after the start of a pilot yoga program in an elementary school. As Reuters notes, a judge refused to block the teaching in July, ruling that ‘yoga at it’s roots is religious.’ but its modern practice is secular and “a distinctly American cultural phenomenon.”

In the USA yoga practitioners simply dismiss such criticisms as a  ’concern of the far right’.  In the UK whilst yoga rarely has to fight such prejudice on religious grounds it is still viewed by some with scepticism. This is despite recommendations from many health organisations including the NHS.

YogaBugs has a crucial role to play going forward. Whilst it uses traditional yoga  postures it inspires children to be physically active and use their imagination. Yoga has simply become a medium of play with many benefits, hidden from the children because they are having great fun. It is learning by stealth. Anyone who ever watches or participates in a YogaBugs class instantly changes their preconceptions and marvels at how the classes work. The children really enjoy them and over time when they attend regularly parents see measurable benefits to their children’s life skills.

The only way for yoga to overcome the negative preconceptions is for companies like YogaBugs to drive the message forward. As a business opportunity YogaBugs has everything you could need to be a success. With 10 years franchising experience YogaBugs are the leading children’s activity franchisor. Whilst YogaBugs have franchisees making a difference across the country we are always looking for the right people to spread the message. If you would like to find out more about the YogaBugs franchise opportunity click here

Many of our franchise owners are not yoga teachers themselves but were attracted by the nature of the business. YogaBugs has such a distinct offering that there is nothing else quite like it. It inspires children to be both physically and emotionally active. It ticks all the boxes and encourages children to think for themselves, which means ultimately they will one day be able to form their own beliefs. This can only be a good thing.


New Statistics report over half of children are not getting enough exercise!



New Statistics from the BBC reported that half of the UKs young children are not getting enough exercise!

The University of London monitored 6,500 children in order to find out how active children in this country really are and shockingly 51% of children are still not getting the recommend one hour of physical exercise each day.

These statistics suggested that 38% of these were girls compared to 63% for boys.

Here at YogaBugs our aim is to introduce and encourage children from the moment they can start walking to get active through our unique yoga inspired classes.

Its not just about yoga!

We pride ourselves on helping to educate children along with their parents/carers into the importance of living a healthy lifestyle – eating right and getting enough exercise, no matter how old they are. We offer diet and nutritional information to our parents along with classes that can be done together at home click here to view a sample.

Researchers from UCL suggested in their study that it is vital to make sport and other activities more attractive to children, in particular girls.

And thats the beauty of YogaBugs; our classes bring stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga. Combining fun with exercise, children from a young age go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space!

Our unique yoga programmes are suitable for children from walking age – 12 years, encouraging both girls and boys to participate together. Our classes help increase children’s confidence and concentration by encouraging them to be vocal during classes, by expressing their emotions physically and through specially developed yoga-inspired moves that help children to focus.

All children can do YogaBugs to their own ability, they don’t need to be fast, have good hand to eye co-ordination or to be physically fit, all they need is bags full of energy and imagination.

Dr John Middleton Faculty of Public Health said;

“We need our children to grow up to be fit and healthy adults, not just because it’s what any civilised society would want for its children, but it’s also best for our economy too”.


Prof Carol Dezateux, one of the lead authors of the research then went on to say;

“There is a big yawning gap between girls and boys. We need to really think about how we are reaching out to girls. Our findings are particularly worrying as seven-year-olds are likely to become less active as they get older, not more, no matter what gender.”

The research then went on to explain in order for children to achieve the one hour a day that is recommended, children need to take part in moderate or vigorous activities, which could include anything from brisk walking and cycling to playing football or rugby and running.

This is where YogaBugs is making a difference!

Our yoga programmes have been developed with the help of yoga professionals and individuals experienced with working with children, to help instil a love of exercise from a young age with a big emphasis on the children having fun in a YogaBugs class, as well as getting them active at the same time.

The UCL research is not the first to suggest that children of this generation are not active enough. Previous studies have relied on self-reporting by children or parents/carers estimating the levels of exercise which is not precise. Whereas this research by UCL involved real-time monitoring of the children as they wore and accelerometer to measure the exercise levels, this was attached to an elastic belt around their waist.

Dr Ann Hoskins, of the Public Health England added;

“This study highlights that there is still much to do to keep children and young adults active as they grow older.”


At YogaBugs we couldn’t agree more and as a company we are actively seeking individuals who are passionate about yoga and want to help us get kids active, to join our network of talented franchises.

For information about local classes and franchising opportunities visit our website

For a sample of our classes please click here:


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Written by: Amy Burge

Harmful rays!

We all know it’s incredibly important to protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun especially if you are a child! Children’s skin is more sensitive to the damage the sun gives to the skin than adults. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer later in life; do we really want the next generation not to be protected?



Too much exposure to sunlight is harmful and can damage the skin no matter what age you are! Some of this damage is temporary such as sunburn, but is still very painful and harmful to the skin! However allowing your skin to burn can lead to future problems such as skin cancer.


There are two main types of damaging ultraviolet (UV) sunlight which are: UVA and UVB.

UVA rays penetrate deep in to the skin, damaging the middle layer of the skin called ‘the dermis’. The dermis contains the elastic tissues that enable our skin to stretch and therefore has the effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles when exposed to too many UVA rays.

UVB rays are absorbed by the top layer of the skin called ‘the epidermis’, UVB rays cause the tanning of the skin but more importantly cause the burning!

Who is at risk from the sun?

Everyone is at risk from excessive sun exposure no matter how many times you have been out in the sun or your age, you are always at risk from the harmful sun rays if you do not look after your skin! Children especially as their skin is incredibly sensitive, which means their skin needs to be constantly monitored and cared for in order for the skin not to burn and be subjected to harmful rays.

How can I protect skin from the sun?

Avoid the sun as much as possible when the sun is strong. In the UK, stay in the shade or indoors as much as possible especially if you have children between the times of 11am and 3pm in the summer months (May to September). This middle of the day is when the sun’s rays are the strongest! This applies all year round in hotter countries nearer to the equator.

Keep your family safe in the sun with YogaBugs UV wrist bands, suitable for adults and children; they turn from white to purple when subjected to too many UV sun rays. Purchase a pack of 3 for just £2.79 on our shop:


YogaBugs Birthday Party in Singapore

YogaBugs was launched in Singapore at the beginning of 2013 and is operating a successful studio offering classes for children from walking to 12 years, as well as launching in a number of international schools. Below is a fantastic article written by a mother who experienced a YogaBugs party for the first time!

Every year, we set a theme for Nicole’s Birthday Party, and she has been through quite a few themes. In fact, the family has had a Zumba Party, a Milo Party, a Mad Science Party, and this is just to name a few.  Always looking to try something different, this year we decided to have a Yoga Party!

We definitely went on the lookout, for a kid’s Yoga Specialist, who could host our party. And from our long search,we found our friends from YogaBugs!

yoga bugs

YogaBugs was founded in the UK, and it offers classes for kids from walking age to seven years and beyond. The great thing about Yoga is that it helps improve concentration, increases confidence, and most of all the kids get to have fun.

yoga studio

yoga collage

yoga stretch

As the Yoga instructor put the kids through the various positions, every child was allowed to take things at their own pace. So, don’t worry, this was not a physical training session, where the instructor comes and sits on you. There was no “pushing” along those lines, although the guys will be very familiar with positions, that are synonymous with the Army.

push up

yoga position

yoga stretches

In between the Yoga exercises, the kids also got to play Party games as well. Naturally, everyone wanted to win, and the kids were all so ready to urge each other on.

party games

And to end off the whole session, the kids got to enjoy some Yoga Massages and learnt how to slow down and relax.

yoga massages

Overall, the kids had great fun, and this party was certainly different from having a magician or having a balloon twister to grace the occasion.

If you are thinking of looking at the packages which Yoga Bugs offer, check out their website for the details.

Contact YogaBugs at:

T: +65 6469 1873


200 Turf Club Road, #04-21,

The Grandstand, Singapore 287994

5 A DAY and your family


Do you cook and shop for a household, including a fussy eater or two?

It’s easier than you might think to ensure everyone gets five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.There are many ways to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your family’s diet. The wider the variety of fruit and vegetables you eat, the better.Dietitian Azmina Govindji gives a few simple tips to get you started.

Think about your day
There are 5 A DAY opportunities throughout your family’s day.

“Not all those opportunities are immediately obvious,” says Govindji. “A cooked breakfast, for example, can give you several portions if you have grilled mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and a glass of unsweetened 100% fruit juice.”

If you have cereal or porridge for breakfast, add some fruit, such as sliced bananas, strawberries or sultanas.

Govindji highlights some other 5 A DAY opportunities:

  • Morning break at school. All children aged between four and six at Local Education Authority-maintained schools are entitled to one free piece of fruit or vegetable a day, which is usually given out at break time. If your child is older, you could send them to school with a piece of fruit to eat at break time. The School Food Regulations ensure that fruit and/or vegetables are provided at all school food outlets, including breakfast clubs, tuck shops and vending machines.
  • Lunchtime at school. A school lunch provides your child with a portion of fruit and a portion of vegetables. If you give your child a packed lunch, there are many ways to add fruit and vegetables. Dried fruit counts towards their 5 A DAY, so why not try sultanas or dried apricots? Put salad in their sandwiches or give them carrot or celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, satsumas or seedless grapes. A lot of swapping goes on at lunch, so talk to the mums of your child’s friends to see if you can all give your children at least one portion.
  • On the way home from school. At home time, kids are often very hungry. Take this opportunity to give them a fruit or vegetable snack. This could be a small handful of dried fruit, a banana, a pear, clementines or carrot sticks. When they’re really hungry, they’ll try foods they might otherwise refuse.
  • Dinner time. Get into the habit of having two different vegetables on the dinner table. You don’t have to insist that the children eat them, but if Mum and Dad always do, they may end up trying them. Vegetables in dishes such as stews and casseroles also count. When cooking these dishes, avoid adding extra fat, salt and sugar, and use lean cuts of meat.

Get children involved early
Getting your child involved in choosing and preparing fruit and vegetables can encourage them to eat more.

“Familiarise young children with the colours and shapes of fruits and vegetables as early as possible,” says Govindji.

“Each weekly shop, let them choose a fruit or vegetable they’d like to try. Supervise your child in the kitchen while they help you prepare it.”

Present your children with as wide a variety of fruit and vegetables as possible and make eating them a normal part of family life.

“If your children aren’t keen, canned vegetables, such as sweetcorn, lentils and peas, can be a good place to start,” says Govindji.

Disguising vegetables, by grating carrots into bolognese sauce, for example, can also work, but don’t rely solely on this.

“Try not to reinforce the idea that vegetables are unpleasant and always need to be hidden in foods. Instead, have fun together by trying lots of different fruit and veg and finding what your children like.”

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Birmingham business wants country to get the sporting bug



The Bugs Group managing director Mark Goode

Birmingham based business The Bugs Group – which developed YogaBugs, the largest and most successful children’s yoga specialists – has launched two more franchise programmes, in football and rugby, after harnessing the talents of former-international players to develop and manage them.

Mark Goode, the group’s managing director, has worked alongside former Aston Villa and England international footballer, Lee Hendrie, and former-England U-19 rugby fullback Matt Williams, to develop structured programmes for FootieBugs and RugbyBugs.

Mr Goode, who is based at The Bugs Group head office in Hall Green, Birmingham has seen the YogaBugs franchises spread across the UK, and on to Australia, China and Singapore, believes the time is spot-on to launch programmes in football and rugby which will get youngsters active and engaged in sport, whilst having lots of fun.

“The programmes are about more than just sport – they promote individuality, help build self confidence and are accessible to all, as well as enhancing core skills,” he explained.

“Lee and Matt, who are directors of FootieBugs and RugbyBugs respectively, bring their wealth of experience and expertise, as well as their passion for their sports, to these programmes, which is what sets us apart from other sports activity franchises.

“We have consulted with child psychologists, physiotherapists and paediatricians to help structure the programmes, and looked at how we can actively involve parents, to ensure the message we give the children about nutrition and healthy lifestyles continue into all areas of the children’s lives too.

“We’re all very aware of the dangers of childhood obesity, and there’s never been a time with so many distractions for children. Our programmes aim at instilling an early love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, which will remain with them for life.”

The franchise opportunities allow individuals to turn their love of sport into a career, and invest in a tried and tested children’s football or rugby business, fully supported by the Bugsgroup’s dedicated and experienced franchise team.

The comprehensive training programme for all franchisees provides them with a thorough understanding of all aspects of running their business, including managing theiraccounts, promoting and marketing their business, securing venues, building classes and working with coaches.

RugbyBugs runs programmes for two to seven-year-olds, whilst FootieBugs takes children from three to nine. In both cases, it is not about finding and creating elite players in their sports, though exceptional talents will be spotted, and will prosper from being properly coached, but they are about being inclusive and welcoming to children of all abilities.

Mr Goode believes that as well as sports fans, the franchises will appeal to ex-players, and offer former professionals a great opportunity to remain in their sport, and pass on their experience to a new generation.
“If you are a football or rugby fan, or even an ex-player, and you are prepared to work hard on your business, our franchises offer a dream opportunity, and we look forward to hearing from you,” he added.

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