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Mrs Broadbent 
"I thought that balance and coordination was one of the key parts of YogaBugs that the children really improved with over the ten weeks!"
Mrs Hurton
"Overall the class really improved over the thirty weeks with YogaBugs, I think they really tried hard to do their best and the excitement at the beginning of the thirty weeks was directed into the warm ups and stories in the class."

“A little girl in my minibugs class had only be doing yoga for 3 weeks (3 sessions) and had 5 weeks away on holiday and when she came back she could still remember and do all the poses. Things like this is what makes teaching yoga to children so wonderful and rewarding”
(Head Teacher, Miss Daisy’s Nursery, London)

“A mum came to me today and said her son had been coming home and showing her all the yoga moves that he had been learning in his YogaBugs classes. The children are all really loving it!”
(Reception Teacher, Knightsbridge School, London)

“The children loved the yoga class and they were all noticeably calmer for the rest of the day”
(YogaBugs Birmingham)

We had a fantastic time and the girls really enjoyed themselves. Jo was excellent and kept their attention for the whole time. As some of the girls are only just 5, the hour was just the right amount of time. We will definitely be booking up again for next year.
(Nursery Worker, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Wonderfully matched to the story! The children were very responsive to Angela. Kept the children interested and the followed all the instructions. Great!”
(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)

“My son loves his yoga classes with Camille.  When he has tried other group activities he has been overwhelmed and unwilling to join in, so I was amazed at how quickly he settled in and how much he enjoys taking part.  He is always in a really good mood after his class.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Looked very enjoyable and interactive. The children were kept engaged”

(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)
“My daughter absolutely loves yoga classes, her coordination has improved a lot, she sings the songs used and does the yoga poses from the class at home.”
(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Really impressed at how my kids attention was being held, they loved it!”

(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)
“Since the twins have joined YogaBugs, they’ve been more flexible, they sleep better, they are more focused which has helped me with potty training.  They enjoy the class and I love to watch how they show everyone what they have learned each week.”
(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Great for the kids to encourage movement.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)

“Lovely class full of lovely exercises and stretches for young children to fun music and stories.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Fabulous good fun and a great teacher!”

(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)
We love YogaBugs! Both my 3 year old and 5 year old enjoy the classes.  My daughter always looks forward to the art and craft section at the end of the class.  Would highly recommend.

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Fantastic, my little one has loved it! The combination of story, songs and excercise is great”

(Parent, YogaBugs Fulham)

My son Victor loves coming to YogaBugs.  He loves doing all the fun positions and keeps doing it at home.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“My daughter told me it was 'awesome!'”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Enjoyable. Would love to come again!”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Loved the way it was based around an adventure”

(Parent, YogaBugs Yorkshire)

“Very good. The children enjoyed it very much.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Derbyshire and Borders)
“Very good. My daughter loved it, made lots of new friends.”

(Parent, YogaBugs Stratford-Upon-Avon)
“its great to see how engaging the children are with the stories, good stuff.”

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