YogaBugs on the Young Apprentice!



YogaBugs is proud to announce we will be appearing on the BBC’s Young Apprentice tonight at 8pm. We would really appreciate it if you could show your support and tune in to watch us demonstrate a YogaBugs class to the apprentices, who have been
given the remit of developing an activity for children.

This is not the first time YogaBugs has appeared on the BBC, back in 2006 we
were on the BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, where our founders turned down offers from the
Dragons for equity within the business.

We are excited to have the opportunity again of letting more people know about YogaBugs and the wonderful work we do.

Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy the programme.

Lunch Box Inspiration

A study by the School Food Trust has revealed that over 40% of lunchboxes don’t contain a single piece of fruit or vegetable that could count towards the kid’s 5-a-day.

Keeping your kid’s lunchboxes interesting and healthy can be hard, but Lisa Storms’ ideas can help put some inspiration back into lunch boxes.

Be creative with the kid’s lunch boxes and make their lunchtime healthy and fun! Share your lunch box ideas on our facebook page!


Welcome new YBI’s

We are pleased to welcome five new YogaBugs Instructors to the family. These lovely ladies passed their training in August and are all really looking forward to taking children on magical adventures and making a difference to their lives!

Jeanette Baskeyfield: YogaBugs Stoke, T: 0845 899 7174, E:

Camille Kynoch: YogaBugs Fulham, T: 0845 899 7164, E:

Elaine Harris, YogaBugs Chelsea & Kensington, T: 0845 899 7170, E:

Jennifer Hlad: YogaBugs Hampstead, T: 0845 899 7162, E:

Verania Perzez: Relocating, T: tbc, E:

Classes are starting in Fulham Methodist Church tomorrow and in Hampstead at Friends Meeting House on the 6th October for children from 3-7 years.

FREE TASTER sessions are available, please contact your local Instructor for more information.

For information about classes near you, or to find out how to join the YogaBugs family, please contact us: 0121 777 7792 /

Helpful Information about Nutrition for Children

As parents we want the best for their kids, but we know it can get confusing with the
foods we should make sure they are eating for a healthy diet. So, to help you we
have put together some useful information about nutrition for children.

 For a child’s body to function in a healthy manner it requires basic nutrients on a daily basis.

Carbohydrates: These are the major sources of energy for the body.
Carbohydrates are divided into two groups;

Complex Carbohydrates: These are naturally starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, bread, pasta and vegetables.

Simple Carbohydrates: These include sugary foods, e.g. Cakes, biscuits and chocolate as well as processed foods containing a lot of salt.


Is also found in carbohydrates e.g. fruit, vegetables, grains and is not used for energy but for a healthy bowel.


These play an important part in the structure and function of all cells in the body. Protein deficiency can  cause retardation in children.

Protein – rich food include animals sources (complete) e.g. meat, fish, milk and vegetable sources (incomplete) e.g. pulses, nuts and grains.


Fat in its true sense provides energy, heat insulation, cushioning and buoyancy to the body.  Because of association of high fat diets with obesity and heart disease it is generally recommended that fat should contribute to less than 35% of the total calorific intake.

Fats are the source of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.  Animal sources
include butter, lard, fat, milk, fish oil and vegetable sources include vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.  Foods high in saturated fat include all dairy products such as cheese and butter.

Vitamins and Minerals:

These are required by the body in minute amounts and are required for good health and growth.  Each vitamin and mineral has a specific function and one cannot be substituted for another.  Many vitamins and minerals are needed to form a balanced diet as they play a vital role in a number of activities including regulating the heart rate, bone formation, digestion and nerve and muscle activity. Vitamins and minerals come
in a variety of sources and are found in all of the above food groups especially in fruit and vegetables.


The importance of fluid intake is of paramount importance in children as it is responsible for their temperature control, chemical reactions and therefore normal function. This is an essential nutrient, vital for the maintenance of life. General recommendations are to drink at least 8 cups of water per day.
Water can be found in fluid form in fruit and vegetables.


YogaBugs at the Yoga Garden Party!

Catch YogaBugs at the Yoga Garden Party this Saturday, 4th August.

The Yoga Garden Party is a fun charity day in aid of the Hope Foundation.

Hope was set up in 1999, to help restore basic human rights to the street children of Kolkata. Today Hope is the largest and most recognized NGO in Kolkata and has a Head Office in Ireland, an implementation office in Kolkata, and since 2007, a branch in the UK. Their focus in the UK is on awareness raising, reaching a wider audience and also to raise funds for the projects in Kolkata.

Hope has many famous patrons, including Simon Low, Principal of The Yoga Academy. Simon raises money through donation yoga days and classes, fundraising events (Yoga Garden Party!) and sponsorships.

The Yoga Garden party is at a beautiful location, Commonwork Farm, Kent. Tickets are only £20 and the day will be full of classes ranging from Tai Chi, Vinyassa Yoga, Glow Yoga, Meditation and much. There is also a number of well being treatments available and a luxury raffle!

It is a family event, with activities and crafts for children including our very own YogaBugs sessions at 12:30pm and 4pm. There will also be a guest appearance from the YogaBugs man, treats for children and the chance to speak to a member of the team about our training opportunities.

We are really looking forward to the event and we hope to see you there.

For information and tickets please visit:

8 fun ways to keep your children active over the hollidays.

The summer holidays are here and now parents and carers have the task of keeping their children entertained and active for the summer.

Some studies have shown that children are more likely to put on weight over the holidays due to more time spent sitting around watching TV, playing video games and eating more junk food like ice creams. In the article below Shanna from has 8 fun ways to encourage children to exercise!

YogaBugs find their Wei to China!

We are pleased to announce we have awarded the Master Franchise for China to Wei Zhang.

YogaBugs China is due to launch in mid September with the opening of the first YogaBugs studio in West Park Shopping Centre, Wuhan. The studio will be equipped with a YogaBugs shop and cafe, six rooms dedicated to YogaBugs classes (for children from walking – 12 years) and a larger room for YogaBugs birthday parties, workshops and special events.

Wei Zhang, Managing Director of YogaBugs China, has recently completed her intensive business training and is now in China preparing for the launch. Wei,
mother of two, is extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to make
a difference to the lives of the children in China.

Wei said:

“I love the fun element of a YogaBugs class and I know the children in China
will really enjoy it.  Children worldwide share the same values and
require the emotional and physical benefits that YogaBugs brings. I am honoured
to be part of the YogaBugs family.”

Mark Goode, YogaBugs CEO, said:

“The ability to bring YogaBugs to the lives of over 10 million children
in China is something we could have only dreamt about when we first started our
amazing journey.”

“I believe by having on board someone with Wei’s passion and experience it can
only result in a fantastic future for YogaBugs China.”

YogaBugs China will run studios in Wuhan for the first 12 months after which they will
franchise the business and expand across China.

YogaBugs now operates in the UK, Australia and China and we have plans for further Interntation expansion!

For information about international opportunities please contact

YogaBugs Launch Licenced Instructor Training!

Due to the increasing demand for our classes and the high level of enquiries we receive for teacher training, we have designed a licenced YogaBugs Instructor Training Programme that is suitable for individuals looking to teach from 3 – 20 hours per week.

For a one-off training fee of £500 plus vat you will receive a 3-day intense, but fun training programme that will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to sell, set up and teach YogaBugs classes to children from 3 – 7 years.

For a small ongoing licence fee of £80 plus vat per month you will also gain from the following:

– Licence to deliver YogaBugs classes
– Your class listings on the YogaBugs website
– Annual YogaBugs refresher courses
YogaBugs Instructor Network (YBIN) Membership

As a member of the YBIN you receive:

– Regularly updated class plans
– Your own YogaBugs email address
– Your own YogaBugs 0845 phone number
– Access to marketing and advertising templates
– Access to letter templates, forms, policies, etc.
– Ongoing sales, marketing and teaching tips
– Online training videos and resources
– Access to the YBIN Facebook group
– Discount on merchandise and promotional products

Interested? Contact us now for a brochure and information about our upcoming training dates.

Make a difference to children’s live with YogaBugs!

T: 0121 777 7792  0121 777 7792    

Top Festivals Child Friendly Festivals


Magic Loungeabout

Returning for a third year with three headliners and an increasingly enticing programme of music and arts, this is a boutique festival where you get the chance to see arena filling acts in an intimate setting. Short listed for best new festival in 2008 and best grass roots festival in 2011, Magic Loungeabout considers itself to be one of the most imaginative festivals in the north and the ultimate escape to the country for those in the know. And better still our YogaBugs Yorkshire team will be there too.

Venue: Broughton Hall, Yorkshire (

When: 27 to 29 July

Tickets: Check website

Underage Festival

Now in its sixth year, this super-cool one-day festival for 13-17 year olds only is all about the music. With five stages to choose from, your teens will be spoilt for choice with 22-year-old soul and folk sensation Lianne La Havas (whose influences include Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill) London’s lively grime and dance-punk act Hadouken! and Outfit, a guitar-pop quintet from Merseyside who’ve been compared to New Order and Franz Ferdinand.

Venue: Shoreditch Park, London N1 (

When: 31 August

Tickets: £19.50

Sunrise Celebration

Last year Sunrise won the Green Parent Magazine Best Festival Award and they’ve just found out that they’ve won for this year too! The festivalwill have an larger kids area this year, focused around a giant helter skelter, with a fairground ride, a safe toddlers’ area and a teen space with a skate ramp. There will also be a wide range of workshops for kids from basket weaving to learning about home-grown food.

Venue: Gilcombe Farm, Bruton (

When: 21-24 June

Tickets: adult £115, age 16-17 £70, age 5-15 £25, family £255

Standon Calling

This imaginative festival is particularly child-friendly with its special area set aside for children, which features an art and crafts area for painting, drawing, playdough, mural making, beatboxing classes and more. The organisers recently reported that as many kids tickets were issued for 2012 as in the previous two years combined. Not surprising, as under 13s go free.

Venue: Standon Lordship, Herts (

When: 3-5 August

Tickets: adult three-day £99, two-day £78, one-day £25-£39, under 13s free

Cornbury Festival

Cornbury is well-known for its magical children’s zone, featuring storytelling, yoga, parachute games, a ventriloquist show, Punch & Judy, face painting, mask making, arts and crafts, clay modelling, the Orange Hat Puppet Show and circus skills African dance workshops.

Venue: Great Tew Park, Great Tew (

When: 29 June-1 July

Tickets: adult £150-£275, age 13-16 £75-£150, age 3-12 £10-£25

Larmer Tree Festival

This intimate festival, held at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens, is packed with activities for children including the Emmy-award winning Farmer Jason and his infectious music show. Look out too for Vasalisa and the Peacock from Hinged Theatre, who host an origami puppet, workshop for kids, as well as kids’ drumming with Inta Africa, and a YouthZone for 11-17 year olds.

Venue: Larmer Tree Gardens, near Salisbury (

When: 11-15 July

Tickets: adult five-day £190, age 11-17 £155, age 5-10 £130, four-day £105-£165, three-day £90-£140, one-day £24-£60

Camp Bestival

Children are superbly catered for at this quirky festival, with the Upper Kids’ Garden on the Castle’s back lawn providing a big top, theatre workshop and bouncy castle, plus a separate toddlers’ area and the pioneering Breastival Mother and Baby Temple. The Lower Kids’ Garden caters for slightly older children, and features the English National Ballet tent, the Insect Circus and Museum and the Little Big Top. Look out too for CBeebies Mr Tumble and antics from Dick and Dom.

Venue: Lulworth Castle, Dorset (

When: 26-29 July

Tickets: adult £175-£185, student £170, age 15-17 £110, age 11-14 £95, under 10s free

New Olympic Activities On The Fun Zone

Here at the YogaBugs Mission Control, we’ve been getting into the Olympic mood by devising new activities for our Fun Zone. If you’d like to make your very own Olympic Torch, follow this link to find out how to do so. We also show you how to make an Olympic crown. Leaves from olive trees may be hard to come by in the UK, but we find green sugar paper works just as well!

We’ve also put together a fantastic set of Olympic class plans for schools. If you’d like to trial one at your school, nursery or children’s centre, please contact us at