8 fun ways to keep your children active over the hollidays.

The summer holidays are here and now parents and carers have the task of keeping their children entertained and active for the summer.

Some studies have shown that children are more likely to put on weight over the holidays due to more time spent sitting around watching TV, playing video games and eating more junk food like ice creams. In the article below Shanna from Termlifeinsurance.org has 8 fun ways to encourage children to exercise!


YogaBugs find their Wei to China!

We are pleased to announce we have awarded the Master Franchise for China to Wei Zhang.

YogaBugs China is due to launch in mid September with the opening of the first YogaBugs studio in West Park Shopping Centre, Wuhan. The studio will be equipped with a YogaBugs shop and cafe, six rooms dedicated to YogaBugs classes (for children from walking – 12 years) and a larger room for YogaBugs birthday parties, workshops and special events.

Wei Zhang, Managing Director of YogaBugs China, has recently completed her intensive business training and is now in China preparing for the launch. Wei,
mother of two, is extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to make
a difference to the lives of the children in China.

Wei said:

“I love the fun element of a YogaBugs class and I know the children in China
will really enjoy it.  Children worldwide share the same values and
require the emotional and physical benefits that YogaBugs brings. I am honoured
to be part of the YogaBugs family.”

Mark Goode, YogaBugs CEO, said:

“The ability to bring YogaBugs to the lives of over 10 million children
in China is something we could have only dreamt about when we first started our
amazing journey.”

“I believe by having on board someone with Wei’s passion and experience it can
only result in a fantastic future for YogaBugs China.”

YogaBugs China will run studios in Wuhan for the first 12 months after which they will
franchise the business and expand across China.

YogaBugs now operates in the UK, Australia and China and we have plans for further Interntation expansion!

For information about international opportunities please contact lisa@yogabugs.com