Benefits of buying a franchise in the Child-based industry.


Buying a franchise in the child-based industry can be a life-altering experience not just for you personally but also for all of the children that you will be teaching and inspiring. There are many reasons of why you should fulfil your dream and become part of doing something you love, by becoming a franchise today! The following reasons to buy a franchise will help you to understand why becoming a franchisee in the child based industry is great investment and how you can help to inspire the young minds of today.

Proven Method

When buying a franchise in the child based industry you are buying a proven established business model. Having this tried and tested model at your finger-tips already in place eliminates the errors a newly found business owner would face. The model is specifically designed to help the increase of sales for each franchise in their territory division and to also improve the overall productivity of the business.

Brand awareness

Buying into a franchise model that has already established their corporate image and brand awareness gives you the security of an already trusted name, for example YogaBugs Ltd (part of the Bugs Group which includes RugbyBugs and FootieBugs) was established 10 years ago and is now an international brand that has appeared several times on the television and produced a book and a DVD, this gives the brand credibility and a name that people trust.  Consumers are generally more comfortable buying into franchises that are already established and have a proven model that they can trust.


Training is what makes franchises in the child based industry stand out from any other business opportunity, this is because the franchisor provides all the possible training you will need in order to run a successful business. How you will run your franchise will be the exactly the same way the other franchise locations are run. This ensures that you are operating your business professionally and will help to reduce and frequent mistakes a new business owner usually comes across.

Ongoing Support

When you buy a franchise you are never alone. You will always have the support of the experienced franchisor along with the support of knowing you are part of a growing family that is always extending. If you have any questions or need any help you will always be able to pick up the phone and ask questions directly to the franchisor and Head Office or even to the network of other franchisees that are in the same position as you.


The franchisor takes care of all the marketing campaigns and designs from leaflets to exhibition stands. Letters and emails that are effective have already been written for you and are available to you from the start – with the Bugs Group franchises we have a PR team dedicated to growing the brand and help the network expand their business.

Exclusive Territory

When you buy a franchise you are in addition buying an exclusive territory in which to do business.  Franchisors will only allow a specific amount of franchises to be open inside a certain geographical region. You will be entitled to a specific territory division that no other franchises (within your franchise system) can be open within that division. An example of this is a franchisee who’s territory is number 32 (Stourbridge & Kidderminster) could not operate in territory number 29 (Solihull). This gives you security and access to a selected number of children that allows you to focus and maximise your earning potential.

We hope that you have found this information useful and it has excited and motivated you to take the next steps into investing in a franchise. Good Luck.

Birmingham business wants country to get the sporting bug



The Bugs Group managing director Mark Goode

Birmingham based business The Bugs Group – which developed YogaBugs, the largest and most successful children’s yoga specialists – has launched two more franchise programmes, in football and rugby, after harnessing the talents of former-international players to develop and manage them.

Mark Goode, the group’s managing director, has worked alongside former Aston Villa and England international footballer, Lee Hendrie, and former-England U-19 rugby fullback Matt Williams, to develop structured programmes for FootieBugs and RugbyBugs.

Mr Goode, who is based at The Bugs Group head office in Hall Green, Birmingham has seen the YogaBugs franchises spread across the UK, and on to Australia, China and Singapore, believes the time is spot-on to launch programmes in football and rugby which will get youngsters active and engaged in sport, whilst having lots of fun.

“The programmes are about more than just sport – they promote individuality, help build self confidence and are accessible to all, as well as enhancing core skills,” he explained.

“Lee and Matt, who are directors of FootieBugs and RugbyBugs respectively, bring their wealth of experience and expertise, as well as their passion for their sports, to these programmes, which is what sets us apart from other sports activity franchises.

“We have consulted with child psychologists, physiotherapists and paediatricians to help structure the programmes, and looked at how we can actively involve parents, to ensure the message we give the children about nutrition and healthy lifestyles continue into all areas of the children’s lives too.

“We’re all very aware of the dangers of childhood obesity, and there’s never been a time with so many distractions for children. Our programmes aim at instilling an early love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, which will remain with them for life.”

The franchise opportunities allow individuals to turn their love of sport into a career, and invest in a tried and tested children’s football or rugby business, fully supported by the Bugsgroup’s dedicated and experienced franchise team.

The comprehensive training programme for all franchisees provides them with a thorough understanding of all aspects of running their business, including managing theiraccounts, promoting and marketing their business, securing venues, building classes and working with coaches.

RugbyBugs runs programmes for two to seven-year-olds, whilst FootieBugs takes children from three to nine. In both cases, it is not about finding and creating elite players in their sports, though exceptional talents will be spotted, and will prosper from being properly coached, but they are about being inclusive and welcoming to children of all abilities.

Mr Goode believes that as well as sports fans, the franchises will appeal to ex-players, and offer former professionals a great opportunity to remain in their sport, and pass on their experience to a new generation.
“If you are a football or rugby fan, or even an ex-player, and you are prepared to work hard on your business, our franchises offer a dream opportunity, and we look forward to hearing from you,” he added.

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FootieBugs director Lee Hendrie hits the Radio WM airwaves giving YogaBugs a mention

It was great to hear Lee Hendrie, director of FootieBugs, our sister company, was getting some air time yesterday for The Bugs Group, and even managed to give YogaBugs a mention.  Lee was on such good form when he was interviewed by Adrian Goldberg for his Radio WM show yesterday – it was a really honest and open interview, and one which will have won over a lot of fans for the ex-Villa star.lee bbc wm_resized

Lee Hendrie pictured with Adrian Goldberg at the Radio WM studio on 27th March 2013

Adrian asked questions about his footballing career, his personal history and his future, before telling him that as a Baggies fan – West Bromwich Albion, to the uninitiated! – he’d given him ‘plenty of stick’ over the years, making Lee laugh.

The FootieBugs director didn’t shy away from any of the questions – and there were a few tough ones – honestly talking about what it’s like to earn vast amounts of money playing for the team he’d supported since a child, to how he coped with some really tough financial times when he couldn’t see a way forward.

Now aged 35, Lee is still playing for Tamworth, but admitted to Adrian that he thinks it might soon be time to hang up his boots, as his legs aren’t what they used to be.

As well as his own football career, Lee also spoke about his very hands-on role as Director for FootieBugs and how he enjoys developing the class programmes, which are so important for all of us here in The Bugs Group as they will help teach all the skills youngsters need.  They will also be taught about a healthy diet, the importance of respecting others, and learning to work in a team, he explained.

Lee went on to talk about how the UK has the third highest obesity rates for children, worldwide, and how FootieBugs has used tried and tested methods used by us for a number of years at YogaBugs, to combine some of the breathing and stretching exercises into the football-based programme.

Getting youngsters out in the fresh air and actively enjoying sport and being healthy – which is at the heart of what all of us at The Bugs Group are aiming to achieve – will go a long way to tackling obesity problems, as well as giving children confidence and raising self-esteem.

Adrian ended by saying “what a nice bloke” Lee is – something we at YogaBugs are already well aware of!  And he’s looking forward to catching up with him again soon.

It was a really entertaining listen – if you missed it, it’s available for the next few days on this link (the interview is about 2 hours 20 minutes into the show)

The Bugs Group, comprises of YogaBugs, FootieBugs and RugbyBugs.   Franchise and coaching opportunities are available for all three businesses.  For more information, please go to