Having Fun At Christmas Is Good For You

All too often the festive period receives bad press when it comes to being healthy. A time when adults drink too much, everyone eats too much and we all sleep a lot. The negatives of the festive period may be obvious, even if we choose to ignore them, however an article in the Daily Mirror has highlighted just how Christmas can benefit our health. And the best part is we get to do all the things we would want to do at this time of year.

Everybody loves a good old sing song, whether it is a raucous Karaoke party or candlelit carol service. Swedish researchers have discovered that singing not only lifts the spirits but it also helps control our breathing and regulate our heartbeat and pulse. Singing a solo shall do you the world of good but if you can find others to croon along with, the research shows this will be even more beneficial.

Heart Research UK carried out a study as part of their annual Sing For Your Heart Campaign, and found that singing is a great ‘aerobic exercise, giving your heart and lungs a fantastic workout.’ Most excitingly the health benefits of singing are similar to yogic breathing, which has a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

So you can make singing your exercise but surely all that food is going to pile on the pounds. Well perhaps not as your Christmas dinner makes it really easy to get your five a day.

Christmas is a time to be enjoyed and YogaBugs are big believers in fun. That is why we created this special free online gift for you, a Christmas Advent Calendar.

Have a great Christmas from all at YogaBugs.



Beware of the Celebrities

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. By January 2nd it is highly possible that you and your loved ones may also have put on a few pounds. The New Year will no doubt herald a new healthy start. the obvious solution to this will be to diet. 

At YogaBugs we are in favour of healthy eating and exercise for a balanced lifestyle. However if you are going to follow a diet be very careful about who you listen to. In a recent article in the British Medical Journal, doctors have issued a warning about the dangers of listening to celebrities bogus health and diet advice. Many A-Listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow impact endless health tips but doctors have accused them of suffering ‘unconscious incompetence.’ The concern of the doctors was that celebrity fad diets were doing little more than giving disordered eating a ‘veneer of respectability.’

The article however does go on to acknowledge the potential of star power when promoting healthy living advice urging doctors to do more to use the ‘herding power’ of stars to give genuine medical advice.

Our friends at Waybuloo practice yoga on a daily basis on CBeebies, with YogaBugs founder Fenella Lindsell who is a consultant for the show. So we recommend you and your children get your yoga ‘fix’ over Christmas with the team from Waybuloo.

At YogaBugs we think that the answer is to eat sensibly and exercise often. As such YogaBugs shall be an excellent way to make a great start to a healthy 2014.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

What will it take for people to get the message?

Healthy diet and exercise is the only way forward

Healthy diet and exercise is the only way forward

This week The Sunday Times obtained some seriously scary information in a Freedom of Information Request from Newport Council. In August 2012 a five year old girl was taken into care because she weighed more than three times the weight of a healthy child her age. The girl weighted 10st 5lbs.

Newport council issued a statement saying, “a thorough assessment of the child and the family is always considered in cases like these.”  In October 2012 the girl’s weight rose to 10st 10lbs, but had fallen to 7st 7lbs  by August 2013 while she was in care. This extreme case highlights the bigger problem of childhood obesity.

A spokesperson from Public Health Wales, said “fast food advertising, especially for high fat, highly processed foods, as is the amount of fast food outlets in more deprived areas and a lack of play spaces for children,” were at the root of the problem.

Parents have passed the consumer culture onto their children. They are finding it more and more difficult to say no. The current economic climate does not help the situation either, with a Bargain Bucket growing in appeal for cash strapped families.

The cost of living is increasing and wages are not matching it. Times are tough and families need help. This can be done financially by the government, but organisations such as YogaBugs also have a role to play. The role is one of education. Both for the children and the parents.

YogaBugs encourages children to do physical exercise. The beauty of it is the children do not see it as a chore or task to be completed, they are in fact playing. Whilst doing the physical exercise of yoga, the children are participating in stories and going on wild adventures. There are many benefits of children’s yoga, such as improved concentration, but the YogaBugs programme is specially designed to also develop numeracy, literacy and self-esteem. YogaBugs also support the parents with booklets on exercises for home and the YogaBugs Fun Zone has some great stuff to help parents keep their children healthy. 

Keeping children healthy is the responsibility of everyone. The poor girl in Newport was let down by everyone who came into contact with her. Surely somebody could have prevented a situation where a child is taken into care because they are severely overweight.

if you would like to help keep children fit and healthy, could you run a YogaBugs franchise? YogaBugs are looking for the right people to join their network and help more children be physically and emotionally active. Make a positive difference!

A great idea for an original Christmas present

Happy Christmas From The YogaBugs Team

Happy Christmas From The YogaBugs Team

What do you buy the child that has everything? Finding the right gift at Christmas can be difficult, finding an original gift even more so. Yet creative parents across the UK seem to have found the perfect solution. YogaBugs.

“It has been quite surprising. We have had a nice upturn in visits to the website and bookings for the New Year, with parents or close family booking children into classes as Christmas presents. They are looking for something that lasts way beyond Christmas, something more than just a toy.” said a spokesperson from Bugs HQ.

YogaBugs is a unique children’s activity devised by the consultant to hit CBeebies show Waybaloo, Fenella Lindsell. The sessions take children on wild adventures where they can be lions, jungle explorers or pirates. This is all done through yoga postures giving the children a physical workout by stealth. The sessions also have hidden benefits as the classes have been devised to also improve literacy, numeracy and self-esteem. The sessions are really inclusive and accessible to all.

Linda a mum of a YogaBugs child, reckons YogaBugs is the ideal Christmas gift. “I love the way in which Yogabugs has enabled Annabel to explore worlds and visit places in her imagination; it is the perfect antidote to a busy school day.”

All YogaBugs instructors are qualified, highly trained, well motivated and CRB checked. This is why parents across the UK see YogaBugs as the perfect antidote to games consoles, tablets and DVDs.