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In recent news there has been a lot of talk about promoting a healthy body image and wellness of the mind in children. There are many influences in social media as children have more access to images of unhealthy body types that may pressure them into thinking that they need to look a certain way to be accepted as ‘normal’ in society. Girls who are in transition into teenage years seem to be particularly affected by such pressures, so it is important that we support these children during these difficult times. There is also the added pressure of the looming SATS, which means rising levels of stress and anxiety for these girls.

There are ways that YogaBugs classes can help alleviate tensions and worries of the modern world. The activities that we have created reduces stress, creates ‘mindfulness’, promotes relaxation and boosts self-confidence.

Our Yoga’d up classes for 8 – 12 year olds are structured to appeal to an age group who want to be physically challenged, mentally stimulated and entertained. Classes include a variety of postures, partner poses and fun Yoga’d Up games. Children end the class with relaxation and visualisation techniques. The combination of all these ingredients help and support them through a time of pre-teen change and beyond to adolescence.

This concern follows a BBC article ‘Under-18 models may be banned from catwalk.’ This article strongly highlights how young girls are pushed by top modelling agencies to lose weight so they are “down to the bone”. We recognise how unhealthy this is and how damaging it can be for a young girl’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Here at YogaBugs we are committed to ensuring children and young people achieve their full potential and enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life. YogaBugs allows children of all abilities excel and children can work towards improving their personal best without the pressure of competition.

As well as being a great form of physical exercise, YogaBugs promotes a wide range of emotional benefits such as

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Release of day to day anxieties
  • Improved concentration & memory retention
  • Increased ability for children to learn more easily
  • Developed creativity
  • Improves healthy sleep patterns
  • Allows children to express their emotions physically

Not to mention a wealth of Physical benefits such as

  • Strengthened muscles
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved respiratory and circulation
  • Improved digestive systems
  • Supported joint mobility
  • Developed posture
  • Improved flexibility

YogaBugs run classes in local schools and nurseries as well throughout the community.

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Is fast food having an impact on your child’s learning?

The news keeps highlighting the fact that more children are becoming obese and we in a country are in dire need to get children to exercise more in their daily life, weather it is in school hours or out. It has now come to the attention that fast foods could be a major contribute in to the lowering of children’s IQ. This gives us the best reason to make this a high priority to get children eating more healthy foods and to get them into fun activities.

Children who are given more fast food meals than children who are given more fresh fruit and vegetables and freshly cooked homemade meals, will grow up to have a much lower IQ than the children who eat more healthier according to a study. Childhood nutrition has long lasting effects on IQ, previous intelligence and wealth and social status are taken into account, it found. The study examined whether the type of main meal that children ate each day had an impact on their cognitive ability and growth.

It looked at 4,000 Scottish children aged three to five year’s old and compared fast food with freshly-cooked food meals. The study, undertaken by an academic at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that parents that gave their children meals prepared with fresh ingredients more often, which positively affected their IQ. Then those parents that gave their children fast food, which led to lower IQ. Dr Sophie von Stumm, from the department of psychology at Goldsmiths, said: ‘It’s common sense that the type of food we eat will affect brain development, but previous research has only looked at the effects of specific food groups on children’s IQ rather than at generic types of meals.

‘These children score lower on intelligence tests and often struggle in school.

‘Schools in less privileged areas must do even more to balance children’s diet, so that they can achieve their cognitive potential. ‘It shows that the freshness and quality of food matters more than just being full, in particular when children are young and developing.’

By the age of eight the ‘junk food’ children had IQs up to two points lower than their healthy counterparts, according to the researchers from the University of Adelaide.These children were tested five years later and had IQ scores that were as much as five points lower than their healthier-eating peers.

The researchers suspected that the negative effect of eating junk food so early in life may BEEF-BURGERnot be altered by future healthy habits because brain development is hindered.

Do you believe this? are we really making our children dumb?
What parents need now is good advice, ideas and tricks to help children to become better and healthier eaters.

Do you have any special tricks, ideas and thoughts please share.


Keeping Kids Safe: London & UK Riots

There could only be one topic for discussion in today’s YogaBugs blog post and that’s the London & UK riots. Charities such as Beatbullying – – have been doing a fantastic job of helping to spread the Metropolitan Police messages of safety to those young people out on the streets and to their parents. And we wanted to do our bit too.

On Tuesday evening, during the course of the London riots and the third consecutive night of violence, both Beatbullying’s CyberMentors and FutureYou websites saw increased levels of traffic – their chatrooms awash with intelligent but concerned debate. Beatbullying was one of a number of organisations which used used social media such as Twitter to positive and great effect. If you know of or are are one of the many young people upset and frightened by what is going on at the moment, you can log on to CyberMentors orFutureYou to talk through your feelings.

One of the FutureYou chatrooms comments was: ”The news just said… ‘these are youths from a generation looking at one of the bleakest futures in years and it’s kind of true, these kids feel like they have no future.” At YogaBugs, we like to think that we’re stretching imaginations and encouraging kids to dream big. We’d therefore like to offer up the following thought. Identify your dream and become unstoppable by never stopping once you have started toward that dream.