Benefits of relaxation before sleep

We have all been in a position where we cannot sleep. For me personally, the second I fall asleep my head fills with ideas which is not exactly relaxing frame of mind before bed.

This is why I am constantly searching for ways to relax my mind as well as my body, and for me the best way to do this is by taking 5 minutes out of my day to do some quick and easy deep breathing techniques.

Watching a film or listening to music just before we sleep may seem calming but really it is increasing…

Heart rate

Blood pressure

Brainwave frequency

Which is why we are all being kept awake… so let’s put an end to it!

According to scientific researcher Herbert Benson, M.D. it is said that 5 minutes of guided meditation each night before sleep can massively impact our sleeping patterns and will also stop unnecessarily getting up in the night to go to the toilet or adventure to the fridge…


One calming exercise that our children at YogaBugs keep asking us to repeat is the “Visualising Breathing” technique because it works almost every time!

  1. As you begin to inhale, imagine that the air is entering your nose and spreading and filling your entire body with clean, fresh air.
  2. Then, imagine that the air is making its way back throughout the body and leaving when you exhale.

Was it useful? Did it make you feel sleepier?


Try this exercise for at least 5 minutes and tell us your results in the comments section!