Iron Man Does Yoga?!

If you weren’t already a fan of Yoga, then you will be after hearing this….

When one of the most successful actors in the world, Robert Downey Jr. is doing yoga to help him overcome his problems and pressure, you just know it’s a good thing to do!

Once Robert Downey Jr. found out that Yoga can have a healing effect on harmful addictions, he took it up and he hasn’t looked back since.

At YogaBugs we know that exercise is no. 1 when it comes to emotional development, and yoga has helped so many people overcome difficulties.

Downey Jr. also said that it was a ‘break from normal life’, this is important for all of us to take a lesson from because the speed and pressure of every-day life can build up and lead to mental health issues….Yoga allows you to live in the moment and forget about all of that.

At YogaBugs we believe that yoga helps everyone and the younger you start, the better! This is why we teach yoga to a range of ages and abilities (from 2-12 years old) helping as many kids as possible get the best start in life. If you are looking for a new hobby for your child, or you found this article helpful then feel free to take a look at our classes below!


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The Daily Mile – Getting your children active this Summer!

Children are becoming less and less active these days… and we believe it’s down to factors such as TV, Video games and Social Media which are all distracting our kids and causing them to live a more sedentary lifestyle.

One of the brand-new fitness programmes that has been created in the UK is the “Daily Mile Programme”, which encourages children to get active more regularly, since studies have now shown that walking or running a mile a day could massively improve your health. Whether it’s getting children to take part on days they don’t have P.E. or introducing the idea to schools that don’t have before or after school club privileges, we think that this could be the future of schools keeping fit!

Around 1200 schools in the UK have taken up this initiative and already thousands of children have felt happier and healthier as a result because after all, exercise is proven to improve children’s physical and mental well-being.


But will it be made compulsory in schools?


There have not been any plans to make it compulsory as of yet. However, if us parents work together we can make this a possibility for our kids in the future.

At The Bugs Group one of our main goals is to improve children’s health, but in a fun and engaging way. Our DanceBugs, FootieBugs, YogaBugs and MultiBugs classes all have one thing in common, they get kids back into exercise by providing them with positive and enjoyable physical activities. We have already seen a massive improvement across all the schools we work with which is why we fully support the ‘daily mile campaign’.


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Happy International Yoga Day!

The 21st of June marks a very important day in each of our calendars… International Yoga Day!

At YogaBugs we think that it is very important for children to get the opportunity to express themselves through their imagination and help develop their confidence along the way.

We have found three very important ways in which Yoga can help support those with mental health struggles.


Breathe out the problems

Those who are stressed are commonly found to breathe from the chest rather than deep from the lungs, (this is proven to be able to help children’s breathing after classes). Also, the sound of breathing can have a calming effect on children, which really helps some of our own YogaBugs during classes.


Happier brain

Even participating in Yoga for a minute of your day can release chemicals called “GABA”. This chemical helps stop anxiety from developing in the body. Everyone needs a happier brain from time to time, which is one of the reasons why Yoga always wins against mental health.


Handling stress

Doctors around the world have now even started prescribing Yoga as a way to tackle stress. After results have found that it can reduce levels of depression especially in children, it is becoming more and more popular. At YogaBugs we understand that children have problems of their own, which is considered when we teach our classes.


We hope that this article helped you learn a little more about Yoga and how it can help just about everyone… Happy International Yoga Day!



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5 benefits of Yoga

For those of you aren’t sure about Yoga and its benefits, don’t worry you are not alone… This is why here at YogaBugs we have decided to tell you why Yoga is such a growing success and how it can help each and every one of us.


Yoga Promotes weight loss


Once you have the correct diet in line with your yoga exercise, your weight will drop right off. Studies have shown that if you follow a protein-rich diet, then you will build muscle and lose fat while doing low intensity exercise. This shows that it can not only help you lose weight, but also give muscle tone, which is perfect with summer holidays coming up!


Yoga improves your general health


Yoga can benefit your general health in more ways than one. Because it is a relaxing exercise, it has been proven to lower the heart rate and regulate breathing. Because Yoga is considered ‘low-impact’ activity, you are at much less risk of exerting any muscles or joints in your body. Yoga can also give you more self-confidence and change your outlook on life in a positive sense. This type of exercise will give you a better body-mind connection because you are using both at the same time and you will be aware of your body much more.


Yoga can alleviate sleep issues


Regular Yoga has now been proven to improve the quality and duration of sleep, according to studies. By using controlled breathing and relaxing muscles tension through exercise, it is said that those who take up Yoga on a regular (weekly) basis are likely to get between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This is great news for any mums and dads coming home from a long day at work!


Yoga can combat stress


It’s nice to take a step back from our social bubble sometimes. Equally, shaking of any stress that comes along with it. Scientifically speaking, when taking part in yoga the levels of inflammatory compounds naturally decrease which are responsible for reacting to stress. If this doesn’t make you want to start doing Yoga, then I don’t know what will.


Yoga can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression


Studies in Boston University Medical Centre have proven that there is a link between taking part in Yoga and decreasing levels of depression and anxiety. More specifically, taking part in Yoga can increase the intake of GABA in the human body which is said to affect our mood.


At YogaBugs we make sure that each child receives the full benefits of Yoga, by teaching through story themed adventures. We can’t tell you how many times parents have come forward about their kids and said that Yoga has helped them tackle social situations in school and also made them more confident, well-rounded children.


If you are interested in your child taking part in YogaBugs, but don’t know enough about it, don’t worry, our taster sessions allow them to take part with zero pressure!


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Yoga reduces anxiety – it’s a fact!


You kids have been going through a tough time recently, and we understand why. With Anxiety being higher that it’s ever been through the pressures of school, exams and social circles it’s a time in a child’s life that is often overlooked by us parents.

At YogaBugs we came across an interesting study found in the “Psychology Research and Behaviour Management” which outlines the fantastic benefits that you will notice in your child straight away!

UK stats show that 1 in 5 children will suffer from a mental health-related illness before the age of 11. This figure is continuing to rise across the UK, and YogaBugs are working to stop it in its tracks.



But what causes Anxiety in children?

There could be a number of issues that trigger anxiety in kids. Social fears can be a common cause, for example a child being placed in an unfamiliar or challenging situation can make them nervous, this is known as normal anxiety.


So how do I know if my child is suffering from Anxiety?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially if your child is afraid to talk about their feelings. This is why there some clear symptoms that can give you as a parent, a hint;

  • Airing negative thoughts
  • Worrying about things constantly
  • Struggles to concentrate
  • Irritable, quick to get angry
  • Not eating meals properly

These are just some of the common symptoms, but for more information visit


What does Mindfulness do to help?

Mindfulness is a calming method to help alleviate anxiety disorders and even depression. Mindfulness is a meditation practice that focuses on breathing methods and posture to create a relaxed environment and a healthy mind. At YogaBugs we have learnt that this is the best way to help improve a child’s ability to observe challenging situations without being scared.


YogaBugs is the largest children’s yoga inspired activity in the UK offering classes for children from walking age to seven years and beyond. We work with hundreds of schools to give children a fun experience, whilst improving their confidence, concentration and the children’s overall wellbeing.


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