Overall health and wellbeing – YogaBugs issue of the day!

Here at The Bugs Group we have helped thousands of children to come out of their shell when taking part in sport, which has seen some fantastic results across all the schools we have worked with. Some of the parents from our classes have even come forward and said how beneficial the FootieBugs, DanceBugs, YogaBugs and MultiBugs classes have been for their child’s early development.


The area we are discussing today is overall health and wellbeing.

Overall health and wellbeing in our minds is how a child feels after they take one of our classes. Of course, our aim is to ensure that each child enjoys the session and is fully engaged. But more importantly, our outcome is for children to improve their overall wellbeing as a result of taking our classes, because that is what matters the most.

YogaBugs is a great way for children to get involved in sport in a pressure free environment. At YogaBugs there is a strong emphasis on enjoying physical activity rather than just performance. This is what allows each child to relax, have fun and show their personality.

Overall health and wellbeing in particular is very important to our YogaBugs teachers and this is clear through our top statistics, let’s have a look…


At Christ Church C. of E, we introduced our YogaBugs Impact & Change programme for a total of 6 weeks. The children were assessed on ten key areas before and after the programme was implemented. Before the programme, the children received an average rating of 3.9 out of 10 for overall health and wellbeing and after the ten weeks they had seen an improvement to 4.9 out of 10. That’s an improvement of 25%! We were very proud of this result and saw a massive improvement in the children’s development outside of class and they were able to interact with a number of difficult poses at the end of the programme such as Crab, Turtle etc.

At Wattville Primary School, we also introduced our Impact & Change programme for a total of 15 weeks. Our YogaBugs class ran half an hour sessions on a weekly basis for a period of 15 weeks. The children were given an average rating of 3.6 out of 10 before the programme started and after it ended, they were given a rating of 4.7 out of 10. This was another incredible improvement of 31%!


Overall, we are very proud of our work across the UK and of course each child that has taken part in our Impact & Change programme.

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The Daily Mile – Getting your children active this Summer!

Children are becoming less and less active these days… and we believe it’s down to factors such as TV, Video games and Social Media which are all distracting our kids and causing them to live a more sedentary lifestyle.

One of the brand-new fitness programmes that has been created in the UK is the “Daily Mile Programme”, which encourages children to get active more regularly, since studies have now shown that walking or running a mile a day could massively improve your health. Whether it’s getting children to take part on days they don’t have P.E. or introducing the idea to schools that don’t have before or after school club privileges, we think that this could be the future of schools keeping fit!

Around 1200 schools in the UK have taken up this initiative and already thousands of children have felt happier and healthier as a result because after all, exercise is proven to improve children’s physical and mental well-being.


But will it be made compulsory in schools?


There have not been any plans to make it compulsory as of yet. However, if us parents work together we can make this a possibility for our kids in the future.

At The Bugs Group one of our main goals is to improve children’s health, but in a fun and engaging way. Our DanceBugs, FootieBugs, YogaBugs and MultiBugs classes all have one thing in common, they get kids back into exercise by providing them with positive and enjoyable physical activities. We have already seen a massive improvement across all the schools we work with which is why we fully support the ‘daily mile campaign’.


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